Blue Coast Brewing Company

Bringing the craft beer revolution to the South of France. #WHEREIBELONG

Blue Coast Brewing

Bringing the craft beer revolution to the South of France. Tiffany is an ambassador for Blue Coast Brewing. She is proud to be apart of this exciting new craft brewery project that has been created by a group of friends with a passion for creating more than just a great tasting beer, but an experience for those who consume it.

About Blue Coast Brewing Company

You have just arrived at your destination in the South of France. The sun is shining, the sky is as blue as it gets, the air is warm and the breeze is only slightly cooling down the ambient summer warmth. In fact, the only thing that could seriously cool you down and allow the fact that you are on holiday to register, is an ice-cold beer. A BLUE COAST BREWING COMPANY beer.

So, sit back, crack one open, and while you pour the finest beer the South of France has to offer into a tall glass, fan out those toes and settle in. Repeat out loud: “I am #WHEREIBELONG…”

BLUE COAST BREWING COMPANY is the embodiment of all things good in the South of France. The magic of a warm summer evening, a BBQ with friends, a day at the beach, a cool schuss down the slopes, an après- ski by the fire. A hike to one of the many dramatic viewpoints scattered across the region, a cycle through rocky hilltops and steep inclines, a dive into the big blue. Our finest quality brew is crafted to highlight and sublimate every activity, as the day draws to an end.

Produced using only the finest ingredients, BLUE COAST BREWING COMPANY beer is the calling card for all discerning beer drinkers, seeking more than a brew, but an experience.

No matter where you enjoy a BLUE COAST, either by the sea, by the pool, on the slopes, in a bar or in our brewery, you will experience top quality craft beer and the knowledge that you are #WHEREYOUBELONG.