The end of my Road …. to Rio

Well, what a journey it’s been to this point. Cycling Australia officially announced the women’s road cycling team for the 2016 Rio Olympic games last week and unfortunately my name wasn’t one of those on that list of 4 riders selected.

Of course this comes with great disappointment as there is no hiding the fact that I had my eyes set on Rio and it has been a big goal of mine for this season … well a goal for the last 4 years really. Almost every athlete strives for that opportunity to represent their nation to perform on the biggest sporting stage there is in the world, The Olympic Games.

It has been 4 years of building, learning about myself, fixing the mistakes from the past and striving for perfection since missing out on making selection for London in 2012. I had been part of the early selection process, I was given the opportunity to go to Rio for the test event last year to see the course. I knew what was required and what it would take to be successful on that course. I had been given the best possible opportunities, great support, and I had been striving hard looking for those 1 and 2 percenters that would make the difference and do everything possible to make that final cut.

Despite a strong start to the season, it was ultimately the pressure I put on myself to perform, the expectations I had, and the mental battle I played with myself when things weren’t going as planned that ultimately was the undoing and saw things start to fall apart when performance counted the most.

It’s been a rollercoaster journey that’s for sure, full of ups and downs. Many character building moments, I’ve definitely learnt a lot from this experience and I’m sure come 4 years time when we’re doing it all again I’ll have ironed out the creases and can get everything right.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me through this journey. My family, friends, coach, team mates and team staff, Australian national program, personal sponsors, team partners, my lovely fans and anyone else I’ve forgotten. Without your help and support this journey would’ve been far more difficult.

Best of luck to the girls who will be representing Australia in Rio, I’m sure they will do us proud flying the flag for Australia. It’s sure to be an interesting and exciting women’s road race on a super challenging course.

So, what next for me? The season continues, I still have a number of race days with my Canyon//SRAM racing team for the remainder of the 2016 season. I’ve returned back to top form with a recent victory at the women’s Giro d’Italia which has given me renewed confidence. With new goals to target, a refreshed mind and a more relaxed outlook, I’m ready to finish the season strongly working towards the end of season goal – the World Road Championships in Doha, Qatar.


  1. Tiff we are all shattered that you didn’t make it.
    You will be stronger and better for it. Hard after 2012 as well.
    You are an amazing cyclist and I am sure you will get your chance.
    Keep smashing it Tiff.


  2. Commiserations on missing out on the Olympics in Rio. I’m sure there are other just as important things to achieve.


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