CANYON//SRAM Racing Team Reveal Their New Colours in Mallorca

Photo ©Emily Maye

As Christmas draws near, Tiffany Cromwell and her teammates got early presents when the team unveiled its new Rapha kit today, along with their new team edition Canyon Ultimate CF SLX road bikes equipped with SRAM Red ETap and all of the other equipment and accessories the team will use in 2016.

The new CANYON//SRAM Racing Team has been at its first training camp in Mallorca, a place Tiff surprisingly has never ridden before. “I arrived here in Mallorca after my friends wedding in Ireland followed by a quick 11hr stop over home in Monaco to swap bags. The whole team is here, all 9 riders plus 6 staff and its been full gas since we landed. Every day has brought new arrivals from sponsors, press, TV and you can feel the real excitement around this project, I am super excited to be part of it”

Riders are always keen to see what they will be wearing in races ahead of a new season and as a designer and fashion follower Tiff was impressed at the design and look the team will wear in 2016. “Its disruptive, slick looking, really striking. I cannot wait to line up with my teammates in this look. Rapha have gone away from their classic look and simple lines they might be known for and whilst they have kept true to their origins in some respects they have added big splashes of colour to the kit through a striking print graphic. People will want to buy it, I am sure. But the design doesnt just stop with the kit. All the partners have worked together to ensure it all flows through. The bikes, the helmets and everything link into the design to ensure we will look very professional!”

Tiff has also had the chance to test out her new Canyon bikes. “So many people had told me that Canyon bikes are amazing. I jumped on to my Ultimate CF SLX and after a few tweaks with the Canyon engineers and team mechanics I was happy. The bike is very, very good. Its super nice to climb on, great handling and feels fast. I have got the new SRAM Red eTap and Zipp 404 firecrest wheels on it too so I cant ask for a better combination. I used the new eTap at the world championships for the first time, and it’s great. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get your head around a new groupset, but this doesn’t. It’s intuitive and simply, I really like it.”

Tiff will also be the first Canyon rider to use the SpeedMax time trial bike. “I am really thankful to Canyon. They have got my Speedmax TT bike ready in time for the Australian nationals next month. I think I am the first male or female rider from their pro teams to have it, that’s pretty special!”

Speaking of the Australian national championships, Tiffany is focused on getting there in good shape. “This is an important year coming up. It’s an Olympic year and I am really motivated. I am going to spend Christmas in Europe and then fly back to Australia to prepare for the Nationals. I have a different build up to them this year. After doing the Bay Crits as my lead up for the last 11 years, I decided that I am going to try a different approach and after speaking with my coach and the team, we are keeping the big picture in mind with everything I do. I am keen to see what a difference it is going to make in my form, my motviation and my results.”

Its been a busy year for Tiffany but an even bigger Olympic year is now approaching. “I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in 2015. To all of you who read my updates, thank you. For all the twitter messages, words on Instagram, comments on Facebook and for coming and saying hello at races, thank you to every one of you. It motivates me even more to ride hard and get results.

A special thank you to all my personal sponsors; Redarc Electronics, Lululemon, Oakley, BeFit Monaco, Rub Massage, Australian Institute of Sport and Cycling Australia High Performance, without whom I couldnt pursue my dreams.

A very Merry Christmas to you all and here’s to a fantastic 2016!”

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