Belgium has long been famous for its chocolate and beer, along with the classic dish of moules-frites. A small European country that has found itself at the crossroads of many battles over the years, that date back to Roman times. It’s a country steeped in history, culture and art, but not a country that I had necessarily associated with specialty coffee shops in the past.

However, times are changing. With the trend of the specialty coffee scene continually to grow globally. Belgium have been following suit in a strong way. Over the past years as I regularly travel to Belgium for racing, I’ve been discovering more and more specialty coffee shops and hip brunch hangouts opening in cities all over Belgium.

From Ghent to Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges. I’m continually searching far and wide for the best spots to park up for a cup of coffee or a spot of Brunch.

Here are my favourite spots that I’ve discovered from my many trips to Belgium.