Tiffany Jane Designs x Champagne and Oysters Cycling Club

The Champagne and Oysters Cycling Club is a local cycling club from the small seaside Principality of Monaco on the famed Cote d’Azur.

The club was started as a result of 7 friends who came up with the idea in 2011 to ride their newly purchased bikes from Monaco to St Tropez in the hope of losing a few pounds and raising some money for charity along the way.

Following the success of the first ride, many others from the Monaco community (including Prince Albert) expressed an interest in taking part in a future event and either got back on their bikes or bought new bikes. From this small start the idea of an annual ride from St Tropez to Monaco in aid of a the local ‘Princesse Charlene of Monaco charity’ was born.

On the first training ride with Prince Albert about 20 riders headed out on a sensible ride of 30km, on our return to Monaco they decided to stop in Place d’armes where normally coffee would be consumed to finish off the ride. A newly opened hut was spotted serving Champagne and Oysters, and very quickly the consensus changed from coffee !!!! 

One of the riders decided this would be a great name for the newly founded cycling club – The Champagne and Oyster Cycling Club or C.O.C.C for short!

Since then the club has grown and the ride continues to be a great success. I’ve been luckily enough to have plenty of the C.O.C.C’s support my cycling endeavours. So to give back, I have joined them on the ride a couple of times and I’ve also had the opportunity to have designed the commemorative kit for a few of the years.

The kit is designed to represent Monaco and its national colours of Red and White. It’s always been a tricky balance to create a good looking design, whilst displaying all of the generous sponsors who donate to the ride on the kit. I’ve had fun working with the guys and creating a few designs for them over the years.

To learn more about the C.O.C.C’s, take part in their annual ride or support the Princesse Charlene of Monaco Foundation. Head on over to their website here.

2015 Design
2015 Design